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Fund this Film

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete a rough cut of my feature documentary, License to Pimp. Please support me & my crew in getting this story seen & heard!

In case you’re wondering if there’s any mom content in this film, YES there is! Daisy is one of the main characters in the film & suspects that she lost custody of her daughter because she was very vocal about the district attorney not enforcing the pimping & pandering laws in the strip clubs. The reality is that many sex workers are mothers and do sex work to support their families. This film isn’t about the morality of their choices–it’s about the reality of the labor conditions & what women are doing to survive in this industry. If you think that sex work is exploitive, I can’t disagree. But I strongly believe that if sex workers have better working conditions & labor rights, they can make healthier choices. There would be far less violence in this sex industry if people who exploited them were held accountable.  And adult businesses would be held to the same labor standards as your average business.  The American worker has rights, why not sex workers?

License to Pimp CHARACTERS & STORY:

License to Pimp is a feature documentary about the choices that three San Francisco strippers make as their workplaces engage in illegal labor practices. Strip clubs refuse to pay strippers even minimum wages & actually charge them for the privilege to work. I worked in half of San Francisco’s strip clubs during the 1990s and witnessed their transformation into brothels as a result of the stage fees. Now as a filmmaker, I uncover current working conditions & try to find out how strip clubs are able to operate outside the law.

What would you do to change the system? DAISY ANARCHY goes public about how the strip clubs’ illegal fees have pushed many strippers to prostitute. She appears before city and state agencies to demand that they enforce the laws to uphold workers’ rights. One agency listens. The Commission on the Status of Women drafts legislation to recognize strippers as employees, end the stage fees, & dismantle the illegal private booths. A battle ensues as strip clubs & most surprisingly the strippers themselves rally in support of the illegal conditions and try to maintain the status quo.

Daisy Anarchy tries to get laws enforced so strip clubs can’t violate workers’ rights

What would you do to keep your job? LOLA begins stripping as a 16 year old after learning her mother has cancer & needs treatment. When her club increases their mandatory work fees to $200, Lola can no longer just lapdance. As co-workers prostitute to make their fees, Lola must decide how far she’ll push her own sexual boundaries to keep her job since her family relies on her. Lola’s story will be animated because she is afraid of strip club retaliation and feels anonymity will protect her.

Lola must decide how far she’ll push her sexual boundaries to support her family

What would you do to stay in control? MARIKO PASSION quits stripping at her favorite club as the work becomes increasingly sexual and spills into her personal life. When she files wage complaints against former strip club employers to collect her back-wages & stage fees, she can no longer strip in San Francisco clubs. She relocates to Los Angeles to teach high school & moonlights for an escort agency. Because the agency takes a 60% cut of her shows, Mariko decides to go solo. Can she work independently & safely and keep all of her earnings?

Mariko Passion tries to work solo to keep 100% of her tips

Each woman makes distinctly different decisions yet our collective journeys are woven into one story of strippers negotiating our labor rights within the sex industry.

WHY I’M MAKING License to Pimp:

During the years I stripped in San Francisco, I witnessed strip clubs become increasingly greedy as they took more & more of the dancers’ tips. It wasn’t enough that they never paid strippers any wages but now they required us to pay to work.

Hima B. shows how much she had to pay one of the strip clubs she worked at.

Imagine this scenario: every day you go to work, you have to cough up $200 by the end of your workday. You might even have to pay $400 to $600. Pay or else you’re suspended or fired. What would you do? I saw many women turn tricks for tips so they could pay their strip club pimps and avoid being fired. Those who refused to have sex found it difficult to make their quotas and were eventually fired or quit.

Like many of the other strippers I worked alongside, I didn’t want to prostitute because it was a sexual boundary I wasn’t comfortable with crossing. But all that changed when the stage fees were introduced. Now there was severe infighting amongst the workers as lapdancers were pitted against prostitutes in order to make the illegal stage fees. I support prostitutes & their right to work safely, consensually, independently & without being criminalized. But I don’t think strip clubs are the appropriate venue for them to work in—even if they’re engaging in consensual prostitution. But I understand why many strippers prostitute.

As stripping increasingly gains acceptance within popular culture, more and more women & teenage girls enter this industry and are unaware of their rights & workplace realities. This documentary reveals the impact these illegal practices have on workers. This is why License to Pimp needs to be made.

WHY IS License to Pimp IMPORTANT?

This documentary shows how each of the featured women approaches the various labor rights violations and how these violations fuel exploitative conditions within the sex industry. The irony is that strippers are in fact entitled to the same labor protections as the average American worker—they’re just not enforced. This documentary isn’t about the morality of doing sex work, but follows the paths of women trying to remain within the sex industry on their own terms. Through each of the strippers’ situations, License to Pimp offers tangible ways that sex workers try to better this industry so it’s safer, fair, legal, & less violent.

License to Pimp FUNDING GOAL: $30,000

We’ve finished shooting the film and are in post-production, which is the most expensive phase of making a film. So far, I’ve funded the cash expenses for film through some foundation grants but the bulk is from my own pocket. I’ve been fortunate enough to find talented filmmakers & interns who’ve worked for free to film this documentary. But this is not sustainable. Maintaining hi-quality production values & content requires bringing on a talented, experienced crew. So we’re turning to You, Our Audience, to help get this film completed & out into the world!

We need $30,000 to complete a Rough Cut of License to Pimp. If we miss our $30,000 goal by even a single dollar, we get NOTHING. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. $00,000.00. So it’s ALL or NOTHING.

License to Pimp is an important story and needs to be seen & heard. We have stories that you haven’t heard before. It’s rare that sex workers who work for someone (namely the strip clubs) feel comfortable revealing what really goes on beyond the glitter, in the private booths & VIP rooms, & when dealing with management. This documentary has material you’ve never seen before and will help you better understand exotic dancers’ working conditions!


With $30,000, we can complete a Rough Cut of License to Pimp with each of the women’s journeys laid out. The Editor & I will be able to collaborate on how the story unfolds as we review nearly 400 hours of footage and find gems that illustrate each character’s path. We’ll experiment with interweaving Lola, Mariko, Daisy, & my journeys to tell a compelling, unique story.

Lola’s animation will re-appropriate the visual style of Latino porno-novellas

Lola agreed to participate in the film on the condition that we protect her identity because she was retaliated against once for speaking out & is worried for her safety and those of her loved ones. Her extensive interviews will come to life through animation. We will re-appropriate the visual style of Latino porno-novellas (aka “historiettas”) which are sexually graphic comic books and re-tell Lola’s story within a feminist context. We’ll complete the storyboards for Lola’s animation. The character designer will hand draw the art for Lola’s animation, which will be scanned & be prepped to be animated. Using Lola’s actual interviews as the basis for her story, we’ll work with voice actors & replace Lola’s audio. The animation crew will then take the artwork & use their magic to create the animatics, which are essentially mock ups of how Lola’s story will play out in screen time. It’ll include the dialogue & audio FX.

Successfully raising $30,000 means that our creative team can be…well creative. Instead of fundraising, we can focus on crafting the best possible story. With a tight Rough Cut in hand, we’ll be able to secure completion funds to finish the film.

Make a difference & support

the stories of Sex Workers getting seen & heard!


Help Me, IVF Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope

I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions trying to get pregnant.  There’ve been few positive things to write about so I’ve held back writing at all.

This past March 28, I did my 7th round of IUIs.  No Clomid.  After a failed #6 IUI cycle (Feb/March 2012) on Clomid, I wanted to take a complete cycle off, do more accupuncture & herbs to build myself up before returning to Clomid. I felt a little desperate to try something new so I contacted an IVF clinic & gave one of the doctors a brief history of my infertility issues including that my Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level was diagnosed at 1.06 in February.  Concerned that my ovarian reserve is super low, he suggested this regiment:

  1. Yoga
  2. Acupuncture
  3. DHEA, 25mg thrice a day
  4. Take wheat germ daily
  5. Coenzyme Q10 , 100 mg daily
  6. Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 60,000 IU, once a week for 8 weeks

(Please consult with your doctor first if you plan to subscribe to this regiment.) 

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RIP, Anna Jackson. You were a Warrior.

HIV Sisters: Anna Jackson (2008)

I was sucked into the Facebook vortex this past MLK weekend when I saw an update from Anna Jackson. It was actually posted by her daughter, Rissa. The updates here posted as if Rissa were speaking directly to her mother. I was in shock. Anna passed away on January 12, 2012. Rissa was mourning the loss hoping to channel her mother and received tremendous support from Anna’s circle of family and friends. It was difficult to believe that Anna is no more. Her personality just filled up the room that it’s hard to imagine that we no longer get that.

I met Anna Jackson in the summer of 2008 while doing an artist residency with members of the New Jersey Women & AIDS Network. I wanted to collaborate with women and girls who were infected, impacted, & at risk for HIV/AIDS and who felt comfortable sharing their stories for a video project that would become a living, digital HIV/AIDS quilt called HIV Sisters. It wasn’t easy finding women and girls who wanted to participate in spite of trying to recruit people for a few months. But Anna stepped up to the challenge without any hesitation: she was fearless. Anna knew her story was important and wanted to share it with others to make a difference.

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ICI #3; Day 18: Pins & Pineapple Do a Uterus Good

I needed to take a break from blogging about trying to get pregnant. I got depressed after IUI #1 & ICI #2 failed to get me knocked up. But I can feel my body is changing. It’s now murmuring & gurgling around the time of ovulation to let me know that there’s activity in the nether regions.

I started acupuncture about 5 weeks ago beginning a few days before my second insemination.
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Night of Day 10: I’m Ferning !!

Just did my saliva estrogen check 2 hours ago. Results: I’ve begun to fern!! Estrogen is building up in my system & my dried up saliva can reveal its crystalization. The ferns look very similar to the patterns that snowflakes make. Tonite, my saliva is in a definite “B” phase with preliminary branches starting to bud. I might have another 1 to 3 days before I hit ovulation at which time my spit should be fern-i-matic!
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Clomid IUI cycle #2: Day 10

I’m 1/3 of the way through my second IUI cycle using Clomid. It’s day 10 and I took Clomid from day 5 to day 9. I didn’t feel any of the side effects of this fertility drug like blurred vision, tender boobs, dizziness, headaches, hot flashes, nausea, bloating, puking, or mood swings. Not having any side effects makes me a little nervous–is this drug doing it’s job of stimulating my ovaries so that not the usual one but several follicles mature? I hope so…
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Day 27: My red-headed cousin came a knockin’

I know it was a little naive of me to think that 1 cycle of being on Clomid would get me knocked up, but I clung to that dream until yesterday morning when my red-headed cousin arrived for an uninvited, unwelcomed visit. Well, she’s here for the next few days so I just have to suck it up & prepare for Round 2 of Clomid-induced IUI. I was scheduled to return today to the clinic get a blood test for my BHCG level to see if I was pregnant. Well, today’s July 4th so they’re not open. I wish I was in a more celebratory mood, but I’m a little blue. Hence the rainbow-sprinkled tofutti cutie to cheer me up. I’m trying to find a good aspect about all of this. That I’m bleeding remains to be a good sign that I’m still of child-bearing age. When 1 of my sisters found out I was doing IUI, she suggested that I get a puppy. I hate when breeders tell me what I should be doing with my reproduction plan. Note to self: don’t talk to V about presidents, wars, or babies.
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